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Why Injections Are The Best Form Of Hormone Replacement Therapy (TRT)

There are multiple forms of testosterone therapy to choose from for anyone who is experiencing the symptoms of low testosterone. These symptoms can include fatigue, mental fogginess, increase body fat, decrease in muscle mass, irritability and loss in sexual desire, among others. Knowing your levels is the first step in deciding if testosterone therapy is for you. Once it has been established that you do have low testosterone choosing a treatment option that keeps you healthy and safe is the next step.

Treatment Options

When choosing a treatment method there is much to consider. Being consistent and being aware of the side effects are very important. Below are the possible options for testosterone treatment.

  • Injection. Testosterone cypionate (Depo-Testosterone) and testosterone enanthate are given in a muscle or under the skin. Weekly injections allows for maintaining consistent levels and is the best method of regulation of levels, getting you to where you want to be and keeping you there. This method avoids the ups and downs of your hormone levels that many other methods offer. Inconsistent levels of testosterone can cause moodiness, aggression, depression, mental fogginess and other unpleasant side effects. With weekly visits to your testosterone clinic you have professionals watching over your treatment making it the safest and most effective method.
  • Gel. There are several gels and solutions available, with different ways of applying them. Depending on the brand, you rub the testosterone into your skin on your upper arm or shoulder (AndroGel, Testim, Vogelxo)or apply it to the front and inner thigh (Fortesta).Your body absorbs testosterone through your skin. Don’t shower or bathe for several hours after a gel application, to be sure it gets absorbed. Side effects include skin irritation and the possibility of transferring the medication to another person. Avoid skin-to-skin contact until the gel is completely dry, or cover the area after an application.
  • Patch. A patch containing testosterone (Androderm) is applied each night to your thighs or torso. A possible side effect is severe skin reaction.
  • Gum and cheek (buccal cavity). A small putty-like substance, gum-and-cheek testosterone replacement delivers testosterone through the natural depression above your top teeth where your gum meets your upper lip (buccal cavity).This product, taken three times a day, sticks to your gumline and allows testosterone to be absorbed into your bloodstream. It can cause gum irritation.
  • Nasal. This testosterone gel (Natesto) can be pumped into the nostrils. This option reduces the risk that medication will be transferred to another person through skin contact. Nasal-delivered testosterone must be applied twice in each nostril, three times daily, which might be more inconvenient than other delivery methods.
  • Implantable pellets. Testosterone-containing pellets (Testopel) are surgically implanted under the skin every three to six months. This requires an incision.

Our Treatment System

At T Off Your Health we have created a treatment system that keeps your levels in a healthy, consistent range while regulating your overall health. We offer weekly injections because that is the most effective and safe way to maintain and regulate your levels. We see 100’s of patients weekly and have created a comfortable atmosphere for them to not only receive treatment but access a community. We are primary care clinics that specialize in hormone replacement therapy, so we are different from receiving TRT from your primary care doctor or a clinic that only administers testosterone. We are here to support your whole health and keep your hormone levels in check.

What To Expect

First Visit

Your first visit needs to be booked prior to 9:30 a.m. because we need to do a blood draw prior to 10 a.m. We ask that you budget an hour for your first visit, the appointment may take more or less time depending on any questions or concerns you have that we will address. We run your hormone and vitamin panel to see where your levels are and have your first testosterone levels to you within that first appointment, no waiting for labs to return or delay. If your levels come back low we then discuss treatment options.

Second Visit

Before you can start treatment you must come in for one more blood draw to prior to 10 a.m. so we have another low level for insurance purposes. At that next appointment you may start treatment or that may happen on the following visit that can happen at any time during the day. The weekly visits take less than 30 minutes and we have ESPN playing on TV’s in each patient room for your entertainment. We get you in and out in a timely manner, still giving the care that is necessary for proper testosterone level and regulation.

4-6 Weeks After Starting Treatment

4-6 weeks after starting treatment we do another blood draw to check your levels and insure that the dosage given is bringing you to a healthy consistent level.

3 Months After Starting Treatment And Forward

3 months after starting treatment we then do another blood draw checking your levels as a regulation precaution. At this point you then get labs done every 3 months. If at any time you have questions or concerns about your levels, your symptoms or any other health concerns, your weekly visits are the time to bring them up to your provider. We are here to support you in feeling your best, too manage any side effects you may be experiencing and to support your wellbeing.

Consistency Is Key To Experiencing Change

Keep in mind that it may take 2-3 months of consistent treatment to experience ALL of the benefits that hormone replacement therapy has to offer. Patients have said that they have more energy throughout the day, their quality of sleep has improved, their mental clarity and focus improved, weight loss, getting faster results in the gym with less recovery time and the wife of a patient even claimed that treatment saved their marriage.

Make An Appointment

Our friendly staff is ready to get you booked for your appointment at any one of our 3 DFW locations. We have locations in Uptown Dallas, Keller/Southlake and Downtown Fort Worth. If you are ready to make an appointment you can call our office at 817-632-5400 or send your information to this link: https://form.jotformpro.com/50135677439966 

We look forward to supporting your whole health.