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Why Are Allergies So Bad In Texas?

The main contributing factor in what makes allergies so bad here in Texas is the weather. The fact that there is nothing that we can do about the weather means that we have to find ways to relieve our allergy symptoms, and it Texas its not just during one time of your it can be all year long. Here’s why.


Cross-state winds pick up tree pollen, which is just one of the causes of allergies. According to the American Academy of Allergy Asthma and Immunology, mold, animal dander, dust, food, latex, insect stings, medications and drugs also lead to runny noses and watery eyes for countless people.


When humidity is low and the weather is dry, wind can easily blow the pollen. When humidity is high, water traps pollen and drags it to the ground. North Texas, as many residents know, has a variety of humidities that change on a day-to-day even minute-to- minute basis.

No Yearly Freeze

So many of us love the warm climate that Texas has all year long, for some its the reason we chose Texas as home. Even in the depths of the “winter” season, the temperatures rarely drop much below freezing. As great as this is, it doesn’t help any with cutting out the allergens that affect so many each year. These mild temperatures are perfect breeding grounds for mold, insects, pollen and other allergens.

Ideal Growing Conditions

Have you looked around your neighborhood and noticed the variety of trees, flowers, grass, and shrubs thriving almost all year long? Depending on what area you are in this may change, but as you travel around the Dallas-Fort Worth Metroplex and actually intend to take notice of the different flora and fauna that surrounds the area it’s very diverse. There is everything from different types of grass and hickory, red and white oak, juniper and pecan trees, cactus, palm trees, and so much more. This creates so much beauty and so many different types of allergens.

How We Help

We can perform a quick simple test that covers 72 environmental and food allergies to help you keep your energy levels at peak performance. Don’t let allergies destroy your quality of life.

What Are You Allergic To?

  • 30-minute scratch test – Skin tests, a concentrated liquid form of common allergens like pollen, mold, dust mites, animal dander, and foods. Once the allergen gets in your skin, it could trigger a rash. Your skin will get irritated and may itch, like a mosquito bite.
  • Blood testing – Blood tests for allergies called ELISA studies are the second line method for testing for allergies. It is typically reserved for people who for some medical reason cannot have the scratch test.

Treat/Cure Your Allergies

  • Allergy Injections – Allergy shots essentially help your body to cope better with allergens in the environment. Allergy shots also called “immunotherapy,” may work for you if allergy drugs don’t work well or you have symptoms more than three months a year.
  • Allergy Drops – Allergy drops work the same way as the shots, but are delivered under the tongue. Both allergy shots and drops must be taken on a regular basis for many months to work effectively.

To make an appointment for allergy testing call our corporate office at 817-345-0303 and regain your quality of life. Start loving Texas for all the reasons!