T Off Men's Health

Unique Primary Care Clinic In Fort Worth

T Off Your Health providers are here to help you stay healthy and focus on wellness. Sure we can treat the common cold, but what about your lifestyle, disease prevention, coaching, exercise programs, and spirituality? Shouldn’t your healthcare be about what it takes to help keep you at the top of your game? Our providers are consultants – coaches – on your team – for your health.

So what actually makes us unique and different then other primary health care providers you ask? Why should you be switching your PCP to our office?

Quick appointments that occur on time

We understand your time is precious and respect it. Are you tired of going to the doctor and waiting in the waiting room for who knows how long, just to be put in a room and wait more? At T Off Your Health, we book your appointment, allocate the correct amount of time for your visit and have you in and out ON TIME.

Relaxed atmosphere with sports-themed patient rooms and snacks

Skip the regular old stuffy doctors office experience that has the typical boring pictures on the wall and the drab waiting room. Not only do we have leather recliners in our waiting rooms (in case you arrive early) but also, each of our patient rooms is dedicated to one of our favorite Texas sports teams. Whether you are a Stars fan, Cowboys, Texan, Mav’s or some other Texas team fan we’ve got you covered. You can relax in your room and feel like you are somewhere you want to be.

Friendly, professional staff

Start building a trusting relationship with your primary care team. You have access to Physicians, Physician Assistants, and Nurse Practitioners, who treat you as a whole; body, mind, goals, dreams, projections. Not to mention our front desk staff that greets you every time with a warm smile.

Specialty services in addition to primary care

All too often your primary care physician has to recommend you to another doctors office to treat things like hormone replacement, allergy testing and treatment, weight loss, prescription refills, cosmetic injections or Covid-19 antibody testing. T Off Your Health covers all those specialty services in house. No need to fill out new client paperwork, get your insurance verified or find another location. We are the one-stop shop for your health and wellness plan.

In network with all major insurance companies 

We deal with all major insurance providers and can maximize your coverage for all of our specialty services as well, getting you the most for your hard earned dollar. To find out of we are in network with your insurance company contact our office at 817-632-5400.

Preventative labs

Be confident in your health by using the 100% covered yearly physical that your insurance company provides. In our preventative labs, we cover testing for early detection of a wide variety of future health problems. For the full list of preventative labs follow this link: https://toffmenshealth.com/primary-care/

Ready to make us your Primary Care Team? 

Take your health back into your hands and do it in a way that supports your desired lifestyle. T Off Your Health is here to support your journey to wellness every step of the way.