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What Is The Circadian Rhythm Diet?

Have you heard of the Eat When Diet Plan? It’s based on eating around your circadian rhythm or more easily understood around the sun. It’s quite simple and real people are getting results. The best part is it nat about restricting what you eat but when you eat. Its based around how your body metabolizes food throughout the day and its actually quite simple to follow.

In the video below Dr. Oz and his colleagues go over what they eat in a typical day and WHEN they eat it (this is key).

Here is a simple cheat sheet to follow is you are wanting to give it a try.

Breaking down the guidelines:

Eat Dinner for Breakfast 

Try a salmon burger with a side of sweet potato and green beans or a bowl of kale, chickpea, and tomato soup. Sounds crazy? Well as Dr. Roizen explains, you should try and eat your biggest meal in the morning. We become more insulin resistant throughout the day so eating late at night can actually cause you to store fat instead of burn it. By eating dinner for breakfast, you are taking advantage of your body’s circadian rhythms and cracking the code to weight loss.

Have Cold Carbs for Lunch

While it seems surprising that the temperature of your food plays a role in weight loss, Dr. Crupain says it can make a big difference. When your carbs cool, they become a resistant starch, converting the sugar into fiber. Since fiber keeps you feeling fuller longer, you’re likely to eat fewer calories while still feeling full. You can make your meals ahead of time and just let them cool so they’re ready to eat the next day. Not sure when to have your lunch? Dr. Roizen recommends eating before three in the afternoon to get the most weight loss benefits. 

Try a “Happy Hour” Dinner

According to the What to Eat When plan, dinner should be the smallest meal of your day. Since your metabolism begins to slow down in the evening, keep your portions “Happy Hour” sized to achieve weight loss. When you’re careful about the quantity, you can still eat your favorite foods and you can even have a glass of wine. Dr. Crupain likes to eat eggs with fresh veggies and a side of fruit which is the perfect mix of protein and fiber. 

Stop Eating When the Sun Sets 

The heart of this plan is listening to your circadian rhythms. Since your internal clock is set by the sun, you should stop eating after dark. There should be at least 12 hours between your dinner and your breakfast but if you can go longer between meals, that’s even better. 

In conclusion, as we all know weight loss is a tricky thing. There are so many options and opinions. Finding what works for you so that you stick to a plan is what will produce results. The more you restrict certain things in your diet the more you crave them, wouldn’t you agree? With the “Eating When” plan you just may be pleasantly surprised with your results.

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