T Off Men's Health

What Is Included In Our Routine Physical​?

testosterone for men

We focus on total men’s wellness which is a broad subject that includes proper medical care, behavioral health, nutrition, fitness and spirituality. Our new preventative labs will test for the following: 

  • Colon Cancer Risk
  • Lung Cancer Risk
  • Blood cell analysis
  • Liver/kidney function
  • Thyroid
  • Vitamin panel
  • Iron and Folic Acid
  • Advanced Cardiac Assessment
  • Inflammation and Heart Disease Risk Assessment
  • Pre-diabetes/metabolic assessment
  • Genetic testing for gene mutations that are associated with clotting and heart disease
  • Digestion analysis

In one hour you can gain peace of mind and a full picture of your whole health. We are here to suggest solutions and changes to your lifestyle to keep you feeling your best.

To make an appointment at anyone of our three locations call our corporate office at 817-345-0303. Join the T Off Family Today!