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What Are The Most Common Allergies??

At T Off Men’s Health, we have allergy solutions. We are able to quickly test 72 of the most common allergens and discover exactly what it is you react to. We then are able to create an elixir that is specific to your allergies that you take overtime and build up an immunity to the allergens.

We are in-network with most major medical insurance companies, some of which cover allergy testing and treatment. This is not something they generally advertise, so its something that you can take advantage of if you are covered. We are happy to contact your insurance company and verify your coverage prior to your visit. You may be missing out on some life-changing coverage if you are an allergy sufferer.

This all sounds great, but what is it that you could be reacting to? Here is a slideshow of just a few common allergens. Take back your quality of life and find out what you are reacting to.

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