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As we approach the launch of the NFL, NCAA, NHL and NBA seasons Americans all around the country get ready to cheer on their favorite teams and even more so crush their least favorite. Regular season is right around the corner and we are ready! As much as we love NFL, we are ready to cheer on not only our favorite pro teams but our favorite college teams too. Watching these young athletes pour their heart and soul into these college matches is what American Football is all about.

Each week we will recap some of our favorite team moments, disappointments and the upcoming weeks game times in local college football, Dallas Mavericks, Dallas Cowboys and the Dallas Stars. As we follow this season for each team we look forward to the unfolding of each season.

NFL Regular Season: Dallas Cowboys playing the New York Giants Sunday, September 8th at 4:25 ET on their home field.

Follow the full 2019/2020 NFL season here: http://www.nfl.com/schedules/2019/REG1

NHL Regular Season: Dallas Stars taking on the Boston Bruins Thursday, October 3rd at 7:30 CRT on home ice. 

Follow the full 2019/2020 NHL Season here: http://www.nfl.com/schedules/2019/REG1

NBA Regular season: Dallas Mavericks facing the Washington Wizards on Wednesday, October 23rd at 8:30 pm with homecourt advantage.

Follow the full 2019/2020 NBA Season here: https://stats.nba.com/schedule/

And last but definitely not least COLLEGE Football! The NCAA regular season kicked off Saturday August 24th. Saturday August 30th is a big day with 57 games nationwide being played. The TCU Horned Frogs take on Arkansa Pine-Bluff at 8 p.m. here in Fort Worth.

Follow the full 2019/2020 NCAA Season here: https://www.ncaa.com/news/football/article/college-football-tv-schedule-game-times-preview

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