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Understanding Testosterone Treatment

You may be thinking that you are experiencing symptoms of low testosterone such as fatigue, moodiness, lacking quality sleep, increase in body fat or an array of other [possible symptoms. As specialists in hormone replacement therapy for adult patients, we possess a level of expertise in this field that most general practitioners simply don’t have.

Our treatment plan is one based in blood tests and numbers. We closely regulate your testosterone levels AND how you feel. Treatment usually consists of a weekly visit to one of our clinics in which you meet with one of our specialized providers and receive an injection with your prescribed dosage. We track our patients wellbeing and labs very closely.


It is not unusual for men to suffer from Low T and HGH (human growth hormone) deficiency at the same time. While some of the symptoms associated with both of these types of hormone deficiency are similar, HGH deficiency frequently exhibits a broader symptomatology range.

The signs of testosterone deficiency, as most men know, often appear as erectile dysfunction, a reduced desire for sex, and some muscle loss. It is also typical for men with Low T levels to also suffer from very low energy and reduced stamina. These same symptoms can also be triggered by growth hormone deficiency; but adults with low HGH levels will additionally experience weight gain; mental sluggishness; reduced immunity; moodiness or mild depression; and restless or interrupted sleep patterns.

Testosterone therapy is very successful at eliminating the symptoms of Low T but it will not be able to alleviate your growth hormone deficiency symptoms. Men who have some or all of the symptoms mentioned above should definitely consider getting tested for both Low T and HGH deficiency, especially since they can be treated simultaneously. T Off Your Health has extensive experience in treating both of these types of adult-onset hormone disorders.

The basis of any medically prescribed hormone replacement therapy program is to restore patients to healthy hormonal balance and eliminate their symptoms of hormonal deficiency. When patients put in the effort, they are going to experience results that are extremely rewarding.


Many men want to understand what the possible side effects associated with the use of testosterone injections are before committing to therapy, as they should. Overall, using a doctor prescribed program of testosterone replacement is medically safe; but the possibility of related side effects does exist.

Following your treatment protocol exactly as it has been prescribed for you is the best way to minimize your risk for experiencing:

  • Minor fluid retention
  • Oily skin or acne
  • Breast enlargement
  • Mood swings
  • Decreased testicular size

It should also be noted that using TRT might increase the risk for blood clots, stroke and heart attack. In total, the possible side effects related to receiving testosterone therapy are in the same category as those attached to the use of many prescription drugs.

However, the rewards of this treatment are what most patients are more interested in. For a man who has seen not only his health, but his entire lifestyle as well, become diminished by the symptoms caused by Low T, finding lasting relief from those symptoms is like being given a second chance at living a fulfilling life. To be able to restore that invigorating sense of virility; to see that healthy muscle tone return; to be able to have a satisfying sex life; to regain stamina and energy; these are all things that are truly valued by most men.

Yet only the correct use of testosterone replacement therapy can deliver these low risk/high reward results. Using un-prescribed testosterone injections illegally without medical supervision reverses the equation to high risk/low reward – and complicates everything. So if you are interested in a safe, effective and uncomplicated way to receive TRT, make sure that you receive it from an experienced and licensed provider such as T Off Your Health.

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