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The Benefits Of Testosterone Therapy

Maybe at this point, you’ve heard talk of low testosterone, maybe you’ve looked into it, maybe you wrote it off as an “I don’t need that”, kind of thing.  The fact of the matter is that there are millions of American’s walking around feeling the effects of low testosterone, not knowing that is what they are actually experiencing and they are sacrificing quality of life due to being undiagnosed. One of the interesting things about low T is that people don’t talk about it. Hormone replacement for women, for one reason or another, has been happening for decades. Low testosterone in men, on the other hand, is something that doctors and scientists have been tapping into more and more and doing research to learn about the effects of testosterone hormone therapy.

We have written previous blogs about the symptoms of low testosterone in the hopes of opening the conversation and raising awareness. Many people are under the assumption that as long as you can get an erection, you do not have low testosterone. This simply is not the case, low libido is actually often the last symptom to arrive. Just for review sake, the most common symptoms of low T are fatigue, irritability, weight gain, mental fogginess, and muscle loss, followed by a drop in your sex drive and ability to perform long after the other symptoms have become problematic.

This is not an article to dive into the symptoms, we’ve already covered that. This is a blog to discuss the benefits that are experienced once testosterone therapy has taken effect. It’s not just about sex, or desire or erections, it’s about quality of life.

Here are the top 5 benefits of testosterone therapy:

#1- Increase in energy levels

Do you remember the days when you could get up in the morning, work hard all day, come home and head out to play or watch football with your buddies and grab wings getting home by midnight to get up at 6 am to do it all over again? Or maybe when your kids were first born and you would be running on minimal sleep but still have the energy you needed to mow the lawn or head out for a softball game or late night grocery run? Is that energy reserve long dried up? An increase in vitality, stamina, and drive are a reported result of testosterone replacement. This is because your body slows down the production of testosterone as you age, so giving your body what it had, to begin with, is returning the body to its younger state of function.

#2- Mental clarity and increase in cognitive function

How would you like to feel focused on tasks at hand? What about being able to remember people, places, and experiences more clearly? What if you could retain information like you used to? Testosterone binds to proteins throughout your body and brain called androgen receptors. With an increase in testosterone, there is a natural increase of androgen receptors increasing the amount of brain function.

#3- Improved mood

“In some ways, the impact on mood is one of the most profound benefits of T that we see,” says Dr. Morgentaler. “Not everybody has that, but when we see it, it’s remarkable. In my practice, patients will say, ‘Oh, my mood’s OK, maybe I just feel a little bit tired or blah.’ And they come back and they say things like, ‘I wake up in the morning and I’m optimistic about my day. I haven’t felt that way in years.'” -inscribed from Men’s Health Website https://www.menshealth.com/health/a19536692/testosterone-therapy-effects/

#4- Easier to build muscle

Muscles are very responsive to testosterone, this being one of the most physically noticeable benefits of T therapy. It’s not that testosterone replacement automatically builds muscle, you will have to put in some work, but it does take less action to produce better results. So if you are trying to bulk up, and doing everything you can, and not seeing the results you are looking for, low T may be the culprit.

#5- Increase in sex drive

Even if you are not experiencing low libido, you may still have low T. This doesn’t mean that when you are on hormone therapy treatment that it won’t be beneficial to your sex life. Testosterone therapy can increase your desire for sex, can increase the sensitivity and stiffness of your erection, and in turn, increase your sexual pleasure in multiple ways. Another thing to keep in mind is that testosterone therapy actually decreases your sperm count, so if you are wanting or not wanting to procreate that will come as a pro or a con for testosterone therapy.

If these benefits haven’t at least sparked your interest in finding out your levels, at least they have educated you about the benefits of being on testosterone. To find out your levels is a quick appointment, you can then discuss your options with one of our providers.

If you have any questions don’t hesitate to contact us through our website or call one of our offices. We are here to get you back to feeling great and restore your quality of life.