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Testosterone Replacement Therapy (Injections) available in the Dallas or Fort Worth area

Men between the ages of 25- 75 have a 30% decrease in total T and a 50% decrease in Free T. Testosterone maintains bone density, muscle mass, red blood cell count, and a sense of well being. At our clinic we offer a Cypionate testosterone injections every 7, 10, 14 days, this injection is considered a “long acting” testosterone. A decrease in testosterone can cause loss of body hair, increase belly fat, decrease in muscle mass, diminished bone density (which can cause osteoporosis), swollen/tender breast, energy loss, and depression. By increasing male testosterone you can prevent health risk (such has osteoporosis), increase your energy level along with muscle mass, and you may experience a decrease in belly fat. Our offices are conveniently location in downtown Fort Worth, TX or uptown Dallas, TX. We have medical director and staff available Monday through Friday, and are open as early as 7am. Call us to schedule your new patient appointment, our Fort Worth number is 817-632-5400 and our Dallas number is 214-217-8633. You can also visit our website at www.toffmenshealth.com for more information about our other services.