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Survival Tips For Self Isolation From An Astronaut

1. Know the risk. 

“Don’t just be afraid of things. Go to a credible source and find out what is truly the risk that you are facing right now. You, your family, your friends, the people that you care about,” Hadfield suggested.

2. Choose goals 

“What are you trying to accomplish? What are your objectives?” Hadfield asked. He recommended establishing a “mission” for the afternoon, the week, or the month.

3. Identify constraints

Hadfield proposed assessing what’s holding you back from those goals, whether that’s work obligations, financial resources or other blockers.

4. Take action

Once you establish answers to those three points, the former astronaut suggested you act. That could mean taking care of family, starting a new project, reading, writing, learning to play an instrument or studying a new language. 

“It’s a chance to do something different that you’ve maybe not done before,” he said. 

We are here for our patients and community during this time. Know that you are doing your part by following self isolation guideline and with the more people staying home the more likely and faster we will get through this and stop the spread.

Information sited from: Huffington Post https://www.huffpost.com