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Steps To Healthy Weight Loss

Living a healthy lifestyle has many different parts. If one of your goals in 2020 is to loose weight there are certain steps you can take to help insure your success. It’s so much more than just exercise and diet because we are complex beings. Our minds and body need to be focused on the goal in order to see results. Here are some steps that can help your weight loss journey.

  1. Get your yearly routine physical– many people skip this step, but getting a full picture of your health can help you to understand why you may have extra weight in the first place. Weight gain can be the result of many different issues and knowing where your cholesterol, blood levels, liver and kidney function, metabolic assessment, vitamin levels and more. Knowing these health factors will only benefit your overall health.
  2. Decide on a meal plan that fits into your lifestyle– the biggest thing about diets is they all don’t work for everyone. You have to choose something that you can commit to, that fits into your life. You are never going to be able to stay consistent if you don’t have the time to do so.
  3. Start a food journal– the most basic component of weight loss is calories in and calories out. If you are in a caloric deficit you will loose weight. It really is that simple. Start becoming aware of what you are putting into your body and eliminating the simple things like sodas or snacks. There are many resources out there to help you track your calories, find one that works for you.
  4. Commit to an exercise routine that works for you– start where you are with what you have. Any exercise is better than no exercise, when it comes to weight loss and overall health. Often the biggest challenge is finding the time. If you cannot make it into the gym or a fitness class, what can you do? Is it waking up 15 minutes earlier and taking your dog for a walk, doing jumping jacks and push up s when you get out of bed, going for a walk in your lunch break or whatever else fits into your schedule. No matter what the exercise is start somewhere and grow from there.
  5. Track your progress– we are most likely to stick to goals when we know that progress is being made. The metric for measuring your progress can be different then just the number on the scale (That’s just the easiest), it can also be muscle tone, change in habits, shift in mentality or attitude, decrease in stress, to name a few. It’s important to be aware of all of these metrics. They may not be as measurable but are each important on your weight loss journey. Be gentle with yourself, think thoughts of encouragement and pat yourself on the back for your wins, even if they are small.
  6. Get the rest you need– rest may not be what you think of when you think weight loss, but your body and mind need it just as they need the food you ingest. If you are tired you body is unable to function efficiently and can be more prone to store fat. Also, you may find yourself reaching for sugary foods to get your energy levels up, which will not positively affect your weight loss goals. Set yourself up for success by planning to get the rest you need, even if it doesn’t happen always, some of the time is better then not at all.
  7. Consider decreasing or cutting out your alcohol intake– everyone likes to have a drink or two (or more) and these are all empty calories. This can be one of the easiest ways to cut back your daily calories intake. Even a couple low calorie drinks can add 200+ calories to your daily count and over 1000+ to your weekly count. If you are serious about loosing weight just choose to have water with your meals (most days) and when you are drinking limit yourself to just a couple of lower calorie beverages. You’ll be amazed at the difference it makes.
  8. Check your mental attitude– how you speak to yourself can directly affect how successful you are at reaching your weight loss goals. If you are too hard on yourself it can be discouraging and throw you off track and it can be all too easy to beat yourself up if you have a bad day or miss a workout. This is not productive. Become aware of your internal dialog and be your biggest cheerleader. You can accomplish what you want with the right plan and mental attitude. If you do find yourself becoming negative, gently correct yourself and focus on what you have been doing rather than what you haven’t, you will see yourself gaining momentum.
  9. Recommit to your goals everyday- its ok if one day or two you miss a workout or make poor eating choices, but when that happens recommit to your goals as soon as you can. You can and will accomplish results when you commit daily.
  10. Surround yourself with support- having a support system like a walking or workout buddy, a weight loss consultant or even little notes to remind yourself you deserve your goals can really help keep you on your path. If you have people in your life who support bad habits you may want to consider limiting the time you spend with them or how much you talk about your goals. To accomplish anything having the necessary support is key.

You are capable and deserving of being healthy and living a healthy lifestyle. Choosing this to be a priority in your life is the first step. It’s about the daily choices you make that benefit you’re wellbeing.

T Off Your Health is here to support you on your weight loss journey. Whether it is vitamin injections, encouragement or planning we have ideas and solutions to offer. To book a weight loss consultation call 817-345-0303. We believe in you!