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Looking For A Weight Loss Clinic In Dallas-Fort Worth?

How many of us can stand to lose a few pounds? Especially with summer right around the corner, we all want to enjoy the weather and all the outdoor activities that come along with it feeling great in our own skin.

Each of us struggles in our own personal ways with our weight and body image. Some may be working to put weight on while others are working to take it off. We see patients in our office every day who are on one side or the other of the scale. We see women who come in for a weekly lipotropic vitamin injection who light up as they get on the scale to see that they have lost a few pounds that week. We see male testosterone patients who do the exact same and claim that once they started treatment they were able to start dropping the weight they wanted to. We have different plans for different people depending on their personal goals, lifestyle and availability.

There is a lot that goes into weight loss, it’s more then what the scale says, more than cutting different foods out of our diet and more than being active. We agree with the infographic below. It touches on all of the different components of weight loss, stating that it is really about living a healthy lifestyle. Is there anything you would add to the 10 commandments of Weightloss? If there is let us know.

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