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Is It Time To Book Your Routine Physical?

Some companies and job positions require a yearly physical in order for employees to keep their jobs, others offer incentives like pay increases or bonuses for proof of a yearly wellness exam. Then there are companies that pay no attention to the wellness of their employees. Regardless of which type of company you work for, YOU have the opportunity to take your health into your own hands and book a yearly routine physical for yourself.

This appointment is covered by MOST major insurance companies at 100% (they are protecting their investment in you by offering this). This appointment is quick and painless, probably not what you think. In our office, we are blood-based labs with a simple urine sample. We ask that you budget an hour of your time for this appointment and promise to get you in and out as quickly as possible.

Our new preventative labs will test for early detection of the following: 

  • Colon Cancer Risk
  • Lung Cancer Risk
  • Blood cell analysis
  • Liver/kidney function
  • Thyroid
  • Vitamin panel
  • Iron and Folic Acid
  • Advanced Cardiac Assessment
  • Inflammation and Heart Disease Risk Assessment
  • Pre-diabetes/metabolic assessment
  • Genetic testing for gene mutations that are associated with clotting and heart disease
  • Digestion analysis
  • Testosterone level

How would you like peace of mind knowing that you don’t have any of these issues to worry about? Would you like to know for certain that you are good and healthy?

If you would like to book your routine physical at any one for our 3 Dallas-Fort Worth locations (Uptown Dallas, Downtown Fort Worth, Keller/Southlake) call 817-345-0303.