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How Hormones Affect Weight Loss

As I ask different patients about the effects of testosterone treatment in their day to day life there are many common threads. In this blog, I am going to discuss one particular effect that continuously comes up.

“I keep on dropping weight”.

This is not something that we market towards, but when you understand the role that testosterone plays in a man’s body you can begin to understand why weight loss is a result of testosterone treatment.

Men’s testosterone levels naturally begin to decrease as they age. There are many other factors that can add to this decrease such as sleep habits (or lack of sleep) eating habits, and other physical factors. As a man’s testosterone decreases they begin to lose energy and experience fatigue, these are the first “symptoms” of low testosterone. As a man loses energy he may also begin to notice an increase in belly fat or loss in muscle mass (also symptoms of low testosterone) this may result in them stopping going to the gym regularly, caring less about the foods they are putting into their body, not understanding why they are reaching for the Doritis rather than an apple.

See every aspect is linked and it all starts with being unaware of the hormonal imbalance that is naturally occurring in their body. Once their testosterone levels are brought back up to a healthy level and evened out, men experience an increase in energy, strength, ambition, mental clarity and more. This leads them to naturally be more active, and their body to run more efficiently. There is a chain effect.

If you are ready to jumpstart your weight loss, regain your energy, and take your life back, get your levels checked. You may be surprised at your findings and there is nothing to be embarrassed about. It is a natural part of aging. Our providers are testosterone therpay experts, working with 100’s of patients per week to give them back their quality of life.

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