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Have You Used The Allergy Tracker??

Are you an allergy sufferer? If you are maybe you have already used The Weather Channel’s Allergy Tracker as a tool to know how many antihistamines you may need to have on hand on a daily basis. If you are not aware of this tool, it may just help you manage your allergies. It may also help you to identify what it is you are reacting to depending on what the levels of each pollen are that particular day. Below are examples of the information offered on The Allergy Tracker.

If you are interested in discovering exactly what you are allergic to, we have 72 allergens we test for. Knowing what it is you are reacting to can help you manage your symptoms. If you are interested in a treatment that will essentially cure your allergies over time we offer that as well. Once we have your personal allergy treatment in house, your appointments are in and out and can be made at any time of day. One of our helpful medical assistants will administer an injection for you in minutes and you will, over time experience lasting relief. This service is available for men and woman at each of our 3 clinics; Fort Worth, Dallas, and Keller.

To Make an appointment at any of our 3 clinics call our helpful new patient coordinator at 817-345-0303.