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Get The Boost Of Energy You Need This Summer!

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It’s Summer, time to get out of the winter funk and get moving again. With the winter weather behind us and us welcoming the sunshine, shorts and flip flops you will want to have the energy you need to get out and enjoy yourself.

Get an extra boost this spring with one of our B12 or Lipotropic injections. Curious about the benefits of B12? Curious about what this LIPOTROPIC stuff is? This blog will aim to sooth your curiosity.

Let’s start with the benefits of B12:

  1. Can fight and be a detection mechanism of colon cancer
  2. Protects against heart disease
  3. Maintains a healthy digestive system
  4. Regulates the nervous system
  5. Improves energy levels (we all need this!)
  6. Improves male fertility
  7. Better skin and nails
  8. Fights depression
  9. Helps lower cholesterol
  10. Prevents brain shrinkage
  11. Improves allergies
  12. Improves asthma
  13. Increases metabolism
  14. Improve sleeping patterns
  15. Improves balance
  16. Increases athletic indurance

Now, if that isn’t enough to get you to pick up the phone and make an appointment for a B12 shot (THAT MAY EVEN BE COVERED BY YOUR INSURANCE) maybe by listing the additional benefits of the LIPOTROPIC injection will. But first,


It has been referred to as the ‘Skinny Shot’ due to its effectiveness with increasing metabolism. It is a combination of all major vitamins including all B vitamins (so all the added benefits of the above list) in addition to vitamin C, D, amino acids for muscle production and fat burning.

What does this mean?

This means that this injection will keep you energized, burning fat, safe from disease, fighting allergies, sleeping better and so much more. It’s painless and depending on how your body metabolizes it the effects can last a week to 10 days.

Its a quick appointment that we are happy to squeeze you in for. To book at our men’s health clinic Keller call 817-345-0303, at our Dallas clinic call 214-217-8633 and for our Fort Worth clinic call 817-632-5400. If you already have an appointment booked just ask your medical assistant or provider to add in the injection during your visit and start feeling the benefits.

We know you won’t be disappointed.