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Best Calorie Burning Outdoor Cardio Activities For Spring

Now that Spring has sprung, its a perfect time to change up your fitness routine from indoors to outdoors, from the treadmill to the river path. Getting outside into nature can offer different types of benefits to your wellbeing, rather than being cooped up in the gym. Exposing yourself to nature can naturally elevate your mood and give perspective into your life, offering an increase in mental clarity. This aspect of well-being is at our disposal, waiting to be embraced.

The DFW Metroplex is very diverse and offers many outdoor activities to enjoy and get your heart rate up. In this blog we are suggesting the top 8 outdoor activities with the average calories you burn within an hour of activity.

  1. Trail Running- on average 400 calories per hour
  2. Biking-approximately 650 calories per hour
  3. Hiking- approximately between 430-550 calories per hour
  4. Kayaking- 230 calories per hour
  5. Stand Up Paddle Boarding- average 615-708 calories per hour
  6. Sand volleyball- approximately 710 calories per hour
  7. Rollerblading- 913 calories at an average pace for one hour
  8. Walking- approximately 250-400 calories  per hour

T Off Men’s Health wants to keep you feeling your best, treating you as a whole, we want to support you in maintaining a healthy mind and body. As you know, Texas weather gets very hot come summer, so we highly suggest you take advantage of the mild Spring temperatures while you have the opportunity.

Are we missing anything on our list that you love to do outdoors? Let us know!