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Become A Better You- Read More

Every successful person recommends reading daily to continuously expand your mind and grow as a person.

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In this video Dr. Mike has 5 great books to recommend to not only know yourself but also to understand those around you.

Recommended Books:

What Every Body Is Saying by Joe Navaro– This book is all about learning how to read peoples body language. Joe Navaro is an ex-FBI agent so reading people was his job for many years. Learning to pick up on body cues can help you to connect with people on a deeper levels, especially if you are trying to influence them in some way. Learning how to master these non-verbal cues can help you to become an all around more effect communicator.

Influence- By Robert B. Cialdini, PhD- All about effectively influence others and becoming aware of when someone is trying to influence us.

The Influential Mind By Tali Sharot– This is all about what the brain reveals about our power to change others. It’s about discovering a common ground between two opposing ideas and getting an agreement.

Public Speaking For Success by Dale Carnage – Becoming a better communicator allows us to be a better person and better influencer. It goes through very effective speeches throughout history and help us to understand what makes a speech more effective than the other.

Flow- The Psychology Of The Optimal Experience by Mihaly Csikizentmihalyi- This is a book all about happiness which is an evolving field in psychology offering us an understanding into our being. In this book the term FLOW is connected to a self fulfilling happiness. Set small and achievable goals and spend as much time doing what it takes to accomplish. Active your reward system.

What books have really influenced your life?? Share them with us!