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At Home Full Body Resistance Workout

I have had a couple patients come in recently stating that with the gyms being closed they are doing “prison workouts”. I had no idea what they were referring to so I decided to do some research into it as I know that everyone is being faced with the same challenge of having to be stuck at home.

With little research it was revealed that these workouts were pure body resistance workouts with no weights or machines. These body resistance or body weight exercises are not for the faint of heart. Though you are not lifting extra weight, there is still much value in using your body as the weight. There are actually many different exercise routines out there that only use this technique and produce great results.

The diagram displays different exercises and which muscle area each exercise targets. I looked for the suggested counts for each and couldn’t find it, but I guarantee that if you did each of the below exercises for 15 reps each by the end you would feel like you got a great full body workout.

This website has a tonne of great information and workouts, plus meal plans, cardio options and calorie counters. https://darebee.com

What are you doing to stay fit and healthy during this time? Each day is a new day to commit to something that is important to you. What not start today?