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Are Your Thoughts Stopping You From Achieving Your Weight Loss Goals

Whether you believe you can or you believe you can not, you are correct.

Henry Ford

Embarking and committing to your weight loss journey can be daunting, especially if you have tried this fad diet and that new exercise regime and not gotten the results you were aiming for. It’s like the more attempts we make the more difficult it becomes to truly commit to a long-lasting way of well being because of our own personal defeats. If this has been your experience you are not alone.

Deciding on your weight loss goals is the first and a very important step on your journey. The next and most important step is to believe in your mind and heart that you are capable and worthy of achieving your goals. Knowing and acknowledging that there will be ups and downs along the way, that one week you may loose 4 pounds and the next none and still being able to maintain a positive mental outlook is the key to longevity. Controlling your thoughts can be the most challenging part, especially in the face of setbacks, lack of support and deep seated thought patterns that may hold you back.

Here is an additional challenge, with all of our constant overexposure to media and images of what is handsome, strong, sexy and beautiful we are constantly comparing ourselves to the tiny percent of photoshopped individuals that too have imperfections. As our minds are overwhelmed daily with information and images it is difficult to define what is truly beautiful and important to our wellbeing in our daily lives. These unrealistic comparisons can stifle our progress. We must protect our goal in the beginning as we build momentum so we can build strength on that momentuim.

Here are 5 simple tips to keep you thinking positive along your weight loss journey once you have set your clear goals and have an action plan in place:

  1. Write out powerful statements in the present tense that equate accomplishment. For example; “I Love My Body”, “My Body Is Transforming”, “My Body Is Strong”, I Am So Thankful For My Able Body”, ” Make Good Eating Choices” . Keep these statements in visible places as simple and encouraging reminders of what you are trying to accomplish. Keep your mind and thoughts healthy.
  2. Create a pattern disrupt. When you feel stressed and what to put unhealthy food in your mount take a walk instead and observe nature. There is so much beauty around us if we open our eyes to it. Often weight issues can result from emotional eating habits and must be broken. Not only will you not be consuming unnecessary calories, but you will burn calories and clear your mind by noticing your surroundings and the gifts life has to offer.
  3. Deepen your faith. You are not in this alone. When we have faith in ourselves and in a higher power we are able to accomplish what we never thought we could. This goes for all facets of life, we have the ability to let in support from higher powers to help us accomplish anything.
  4. Acknowledge your accomplishments. As you move forward on your weight loss journey be gentle with yourself. Acknowledging your accomplishment can be as easy as an internal pat on the back for choosing a salad instead of fries or making it to the gym that day. Keep in mind it’s not always the weight on the scale.
  5. Surround yourself with supportive people. The relationships we have in our lives affect everything. When we have negative or unhealthy people around it’s very easy to just go with the flow. Limit the time you spend with those that support your bad habits and decisions. It may feel difficut at first biut as you agther your strenth it will bnecome more natural.

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