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All The Ways We Support Your Weight Loss Journey

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At T Off Your Health not only are our clinics a primary care, but we also specialize in weight loss. Our weight loss program is a combination of the following:

  1. Monitoring your overall health to identify any deficiencies (which will help with maintaining a healthy weight)
  2. Prescribing necessary and correct medications supporting your wellness and your weight loss goals
  3. Offering vitamin injection that increases metabolism, strengthens immune systems and gives extra energy
  4. Discussing diet options such as meal planning, calorie tracking techniques, food restrictions and all things food-related
  5. Exercise regime options and referrals to reputable personal trainers
  6. Allergy testing to discover any food-related allergies that may be affecting your weight
  7. Sleep study analysis and referral programs because sleep and rest is directly related to wellbeing and weight gain and loss as well as a healthy lifestyle
  8. Open, safe and confidential discussions about personal issues with the ability to refer to phycologists and therapists. Your weight could be rooted in deeper issues that you may want to speak to a professional or specialist.

If you are struggling with extra weight and are ready to get a team behind you for support and guidance, we are your team. To book a weight loss consultation at any one of our 3 Dallas-Fort Worth locations (Uptown Dallas, Downtown Fort Worth, Keller/Southlake) call 817-345-0303.