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10 Ways To Decrease Your Stress In 2020

As we approach a new year we start to think about the things we may want to be doing differently. A new year means a new beginning and offers the opportunity to break away from previous habits and implementation of new ways of being and doing.

Stress is an inevitable part of being alive. Stress management is the key to living a happy life. There are many different things that cause stress therefor there are many different ways to manage stress. Finding what works for you personally and making it a regular practice in your life will help you to enjoy life as you were meant to.

Each of the below topics are tools to help you manage your stress. As you change and implement different habits and thought patterns you will feel an ease in your life. It’s not that stress won’t continue to happen, but when it does it won’t throw you completely of wack.

  1. Better money management- start a savings account, slow your impulse buying habits, tuck $20 cash in your underwear drawer every week, talk to a financial advisor, buy a rental property. Whatever it is that you want to do, take control of your finances and make some small changes at first then work your way to bigger changes. Make your finances a priority to save your own peace of mind.
  2. Take more time for yourself- we have so many responsibilities and are constantly being pulled in many different directions it can be difficult to find “ME time”. Making time for you to connect with yourself is one of the most important things you can do for everyone in your life. If your tank is empty how can you give to others. Make you a priority.
  3. Set goals, with an action plan and follow through- it’s one thing to set goals, its something else to make a plan and its a whole other to put the plan to action. This take discipline, determination and perseverance but the rewards are so much more than just the goal it’s self. When we accomplish goals or things we set our minds to we increase our confidence, connect to our self worth, and render ourselves unstoppable ready to take on the next task at hand. As we move in the direction of the life we want our stress naturally decreases.
  4. Deepen your faith in something- whatever your beliefs, whether its science/evolution, Christianity, Buddhism or any other arm of faith, dive into it, trust it, understand it, let it be your foundation and what you rely on when you are in doubt. When we allow ourselves to believe in a bigger picture we take the pressure off of the “I” which helps us to relieve stress. When we believe in something larger then ourselves and know that we are not alone we can take on so much more.
  5. Trust your gut- how many times have you went against your gut only to realize you were right from the beginning? Stop that! You know what is best for you, give yourself permission to act on those gut feelings even if you don’t always understand them. They are there for a reason. Trust your gut!!
  6. Become aware of your internal dialog- how do you talk to yourself? Are you saying encouraging things or discouraging things to yourself on a daily basis? Are you praising yourself or tearing yourself down? You have the choice to be your biggest cheerleader or your biggest critic. Why not change the dialog to the positive side of things? You are amazing! You are worthy! You are intelligent! And so much more. Praise you!
  7. Do something you’ve always wanted got do- some people call it a bucket list, others call it goals, whatever it is to you take action. When we leave undone things in our lives we can lean on the side of regret and that is a stress causer. Buy the ticket, make the phone call, take the leap. It may be scary, but I promise it will be worth it.
  8. Forgive someone (maybe yourself)- the direct result of forgiveness is PEACE. Give yourself this gift. We carry around so much heaviness that weighs us down and can cause us enough stress to make us ill. Whatever happened in your past is not life life sentence, you can let it go and forgive yourself.
  9. Reach out for help when you need it- no man is an island. This is so true. One thing that I( remind myself when I want to shy away from asking for help is that people actually love to help others, its in our human nature. When we have the opportunity to help someone we actually release the hormone dopamine (the happiness hormone) into our body and naturally feel good. Asking and receiving help is a gift to both parties so next time you are feeling overwhelmed reach out to someone for help and relieve the stress.
  10. Read more- knowledge is the only thing that can overcome fear. The more you know about something the less you stress about it. Reading more and gaining more knowledge. It doesn’t matter if your reading articles online, listening to an audio book or if you have a physical book in your hand, making time to read everyday will help decrease your stress.

Do you have other stress release/reduction techniques? Share them with us!